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Another trillion track! The first five-year plan for the bio-economy has been released, and many places have been deployed, and these areas are expected to benefit

        On the morning of May 10, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for Bioeconomic Development" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), which is my country's first five-year bioeconomy plan. This marks that the bioeconomy has become a new economic form. Biotechnology and biological resources are the core elements of the bioeconomy. In the future, the bioeconomy will focus on the development of biomedicine, bioagriculture, and green and low-carbon biomass replacement applications, and strengthen the four major areas of national biosecurity risk prevention and control and governance system construction. very broad.

        Previously, the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the 2035 Vision Outline proposed to promote the integration and innovation of biotechnology and information technology, accelerate the development of biomedicine, biobreeding, biomaterials, bioenergy and other industries, and make the bioeconomy bigger and stronger.

        In this regard, experts pointed out that with the entry of diversified financial resources and social capital, the new generation of bio-economy will thrive, and the trillion-level market is expected to develop rapidly. Some institutions even predict that the industrial scale of bio-economy will reach 40 trillion yuan in the future, becoming the next important growth point of China's economy.





The 14th Five-Year Plan for Bio-Economic Development was released, involving corporate listing and cultivation, vaccine research and development, etc.

        On May 10, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "14th Five-Year Plan for Bioeconomic Development".

        The plan proposes that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, my country's biotechnology and bio-industry will develop rapidly, the bio-economy will become a strong driving force for high-quality development, and the construction of bio-safety risk prevention and control and governance systems will continue to be strengthened. Looking forward to 2035, in accordance with the requirements of basically realizing socialist modernization, my country's comprehensive bio-economy strength will stably rank in the forefront of the world, and it will basically form a country with leading technology level, strong industrial strength, extensive integration and application, strong resource guarantee, controllable security risks, and complete institutional system. develop a new situation.

        The plan proposes to carry out cutting-edge biotechnology innovation. Accelerate the development of high-throughput gene sequencing technology, promote the innovation of next-generation sequencing technology marked by single-molecule sequencing, and continuously improve the efficiency of gene sequencing and reduce the cost of sequencing. Strengthen the research and development of biological detection technologies such as microfluidics and high sensitivity. Promote synthetic biology technological innovation, make breakthroughs in key technologies such as computational design, high-throughput screening, high-efficiency expression, and precise regulation of biological manufacturing strains, and orderly promote new drug development, disease treatment, agricultural production, material synthesis, environmental protection, and energy supply. and new material development. Develop new technologies such as gene diagnosis and treatment, stem cell therapy, and immune cell therapy, strengthen the synergy between industry, academia, and research, accelerate the transformation and clinical application of related technologies, and promote the formation of new models of regenerative medicine and precision medicine. Deploy and carry out research on the mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of major diseases and the principle of acupuncture and moxibustion. Encourage the development of new technologies such as biological computing and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) storage.

        The plan proposes to promote the deep integration of advanced technologies such as genetic testing and biological genetics with disease prevention, carry out early screening of major diseases such as genetic diseases, birth defects, tumors, cardiovascular diseases, and metabolic diseases, and provide precise solutions and decisions for individualized treatment. support. Accelerate the iterative upgrade of vaccine R&D and production technologies, develop polyvalent and multivalent vaccines, develop new genetically engineered vaccines and therapeutic vaccines, and improve the ability to respond to major severe infectious diseases.

        The plan proposes that on the premise of respecting science, strict supervision, compliance with laws and regulations, and ensuring safety, the industrial application of biological breeding and other fields will be promoted in an orderly manner, and the supply of important agricultural products such as grain, meat, eggs, milk, and oil will be guaranteed. Orderly develop whole-genome selection, systems biology, synthetic biology, artificial intelligence and other biological breeding technologies, focus on improving the capabilities of breeding, production and processing, and popularization and application of improved varieties, and accelerate the construction of a commercial breeding innovation system. Actively promote high-quality corn and soybean grain crops with high resistance, and carry out research and scientific breeding of high-quality live pigs, white-feathered broilers, dairy cows and other livestock and aquatic products. Develop synthetic biology technology, explore and develop new foods such as "artificial protein", realize the iterative upgrade of the food industry, and reduce the pressure on environmental resources brought by traditional aquaculture.

        In addition, the plan also proposes to give full play to the role of the National Emerging Industry Venture Capital Guidance Fund and the Strategic Emerging Industry Fund, and vigorously support the development of innovative biotechnology enterprises in accordance with the principle of marketization. Encourage social capital agglomeration, use angel investment, venture capital, and foreign capital to solve the funds needed for enterprise R&D and production. Strengthen the listing and cultivation of biological enterprises, further increase the support for the listing of biological enterprises in the domestic capital market, and attract high-quality biological enterprises to be listed on the main board and the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

      “十四五”生物经济发展规划发布 涉及企业上市培育、疫苗研发等