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Proud, the Green Winter Olympics has a contribution from BBCA Group!

    At noon on March 8, the reporter walked into the Yanqing Winter Paralympic Village and saw that various types of degradable tableware such as plates, bowls, knives and forks were placed in the restaurant for athletes to use. During the epidemic, the prevention and control of the catering epidemic is more guaranteed. "These tableware have been tested for cleanliness, and the ATP test value is zero. We are very relieved to use them." Ma Jia, the catering administrator of the Yanqing Winter Paralympic Village operation team, told reporters.





    This year, the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics promoted the use of degradable tableware and practiced the concept of green Olympics. According to the conditions of catering facilities in competition venues and non-competition venues, the decontamination conditions of catering spaces, and the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, athletes and team officials, extended family members and accompanying personnel, international technical officials, members of the International Winter Sports Federation, media, Staff, contractors and other stakeholders use degradable tableware. These degradable tableware are all from BBCA Group!

    今年,北京冬奥会和冬残奥会推广使用可降解餐具,践行绿色办奥理念。根据竞赛场馆和非竞赛场馆餐饮设施情况、餐饮空间洗消条件,结合疫情防控要求,运动员及随队官员、大家庭成员及陪同人员、国际技术官员、国际冬季单项体育联合会成员、媒体、工作人员、合同商等各利益相关方均使用可降解餐具。 这些可降解餐具全部来自安徽丰原集团。





    Degradable tableware is made by Anhui Fengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. from Bengbu City, which is a fully bio-based degradable material obtained by fermenting and extracting lactic acid from biomass raw materials such as corn and straw. Polylactic acid is a fully bio-based and fully degradable material, which is green, environmentally friendly and degradable. The final degradation products are carbon dioxide and water, and no microplastics and toxic and harmful gases are produced. It is a typical representative of environmentally friendly materials. After layers of screening by the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, Fengyuan Bio stood out from more than 30 similar companies and became the only supplier of degradable tableware. From disposable knives, forks, spoons, lunch boxes, plates, straws, to reusable plates, bowls, cups, chopsticks, spoons, plates and more, 28 degradable tableware for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics There are tens of millions of pieces (sets) in total.

    以玉米、秸秆等生物质原料经过发酵提取得到乳酸,再聚合而成的全生物基可降解材料,来自蚌埠市的安徽丰原生物技术股份有限公司就制成了可降解餐具。聚乳酸是全生物基全降解的材料,具有绿色、环保、可降解的特点,最终降解产物是二氧化碳和水,没有微塑料和有毒有害气体产生,是环境友好型材料的典型代表。 经过北京冬奥组委层层筛选,丰原生物从30多家同类企业中脱颖而出,成为可降解餐具的唯一供应商。从一次性刀、叉、勺、餐盒、餐盘、吸管,到可重复使用餐盘、碗、杯子、筷子、勺子、盘子等,供应冬奥会和冬残奥会的可降解餐具有28个种类,总量几千万件(套)。



    Using degradable tableware, Anhui Made helps the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games to achieve green manufacturing, recycling and harmless treatment in the guarantee of catering services, and provides new ideas for waste classification management and active control of carbon emissions. The world conveys the concept of sustainable development.